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16 Reasons Being Small Is Best Of All

Not everyone gets to be as special as you!

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1. You're guaranteed to always be the cutest one in the room.

2. You can get away with anything.

3. No one will question you if you get a little silly.

4. You can more easily wear things that ~show off your legs~.

5. Every bed is so comfy and spacious.

6. Needing to reach things makes you a very creative thinker.

7. People will at least let you think you're winning an argument.

8. You're an expert at hide-and-seek!

9. Life's even better when your BFF is just as short as you.

10. Multitasking might be more of a challenge, but you still get everything done!

11. Constantly looking up at people to have a conversation really works out your neck muscles.

12. Your squad totally accepts you for who you are.

13. Any place can easily become a Nap Zone.

14. No accessory is too large!

15. Doing normal, everyday tasks will make you stretch more, making you super flexible.

16. Best of all, you'll always get to be in the coziest part of the cuddle.

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