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23 Beautiful Smoothie Bowls That Will Inspire Your Snacking

Everyone's getting in on some sweet smoothie bowl action.

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1. "I refer to myself as, like, a 'tropi-splosion' of flavor."

3. "It's berry nice to meet you."

4. "I hate when people take too long to mull(berry) things over."

5. "I'm just a mug only a mother could love."

6. "'Pretty In Pink' is definitely considered a vintage movie by now, for sure."

7. "Try not to be green with envy, haha, just kidding. I know you will be."

8. "Ugh, totally forgot to roll over while I was tanning. Oh well."

9. "I just apri-cot you starin'!"

11. "Sure, passion fruit can get a little messy, but it's for sure worth it."

12. "These berries are frozen, just like my favorite movie!"

13. "What's my favorite fruit? Fig-ure it out, haha."

14. "I feel sooooo overdressed, but whatevs. I'm owning it."

15. "I heard PacMan was really in right now... right?"

16. "Bullseye! Totally nailing the smoothie bowl game, guys!"

17. "Ban-ana all of your negative thoughts, I'm just a sweetheart, I promise."

18. "OMG, sorry, I'm just going through, like, a phase or something. Look how dark and moody I am!"

19. "Did I surprise you? I look just like soup!"

20. "Try not to pine-apple after me from afar."

21. "Some people might think I'm being two-faced, but really I'm just multi-faceted."

22. "Wake me up before you goji, haha, am I right."

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