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22 Of The Best "Gilmore Girls" Quotes To Live Your Life By

Kirk's T-shirt printing idea would be perfect for these.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed community to suggest their favorite quote from Gilmore Girls. Here are the best of the best!

1. For when the winter gets to you.

2. For when your mom teaches you about responsibility.

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Submitted by Emily Culley (Facebook).

3. For when you know the limits of your patience.

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Submitted by Kayla Henderson (Facebook).

4. For when car metaphors are the only way to express your feelings.

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Submitted by Michael Woodson (Facebook).

5. For when you need to paint the town red.

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Submitted by Angela Rossetto (Facebook).

6. For when you need to defend your feminine wiles.


Submitted by omgbitty.

7. For when you need to make a major decision.

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Submitted by Lindsay Robichaux (Facebook).

8. For when you're not wearing your own pants.

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Submitted by listophile.

9. For when your memories of childhood are questioned.

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Submitted by Bri Nobles (Facebook).

10. For when you're practicing your sarcasm skills.

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Submitted by Bonnie Walcher-Travis (Facebook).

11. For when you need some inspiration in the kitchen.

12. For when you need help interpreting your own emotions.

13. For when the kids in your life are too much.

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Submitted by Suzanne Shedd (Facebook).

14. For when you need to proclaim your love of desserts.


Submitted by Priyanka Jayanthi (Facebook).

15. For when your mental process needs explaining.

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Submitted by Brianna Doyle (Facebook).

16. For when you need to stop someone from walking away.

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Submitted by unam2.

17. For when you need to explain your sudden gibberish.

18. For when you should go along with a bit.

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Submitted by johnh433b0d6a1.

19. For when even the attic is shady.

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Submitted by leskam2.

20. For when your expectations are just enough.

21. For when your mom is your everything.

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Submitted by Helena Rong (Facebook).

22. For when you need the perfect punchline.

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