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    16 Animal Pals Who Don't Care About Your Resolutions

    They'll love you, no matter what!

    1. "I never STOPPED eating carbs, so go ahead!"

    2. "If you're not ready to 'get back out there,' then don't do it yet!"

    3. "Don't start going to bed early, silly! You'll miss out on all the late night parties I have planned!"

    4. "Meeting new people is scary! Maybe wait on doing that resolution."

    5. "Just one glass won't be the end of the world."

    6. "Take yoga slow. You don't need to be the best right away."

    7. "What's the point of a diet if it makes you sad?!"

    8. "Fine, try a new sport. But don't feel pressure to ~go pro~."

    9. "Taking fewer selfies was a dumb idea anyways. We're all gorgeous!"

    10. "Ain't nothing wrong with going out dancing! Don't keep that sweet tush at home!"

    11. "Making your bed every day is DUMB. You're just gonna mess it up again anyways."

    12. "If you need to stay in on a Friday night, no one's gonna judge you."

    13. "No need to say 'yes' to every new experience."

    14. "Maybe you don't have to be nice to everyone all the time."

    15. "Wear whatever makes you happy, horizontal stripes and all!"

    16. "Even if you let all your other resolutions go, don't forget the most important one: to love yourself the most!"