17 Animals Who Worry About Sun Damage

Have a great time this summer, but don’t forget to protect yourself from the sun’s rays!

“Sometimes gardening brings out my carefree side.”

“Look at what little amount of sun is touching me.”

“This hat falls off as soon as I jump in the pool. It’s great at being a hat!”

“My nose is cute enough that it doesn’t need sun protection.”

“Actually, I usually wear this hat around dusk for the compliments.”

“I still have to take a Zyrtec.”

“¡Yo quiero Taco Bell… y un sombrero mucho más grande!”

“One of these is doing an excellent job of cooling my body temperature. Guess which one.”

“Can you believe I’ve never used a drop of moisturizer before?”

“The hat’s for style purposes only, don’t worry.”

“Had one tea party with a toddler and now I’m stuck wearing this useless thing.”

“Does this hide my wrinkles?”

“I wear this tiny hat inside,
So I can, so I can,
Watch you eat then take a walk outsiiiiide.”

“I’m literally banned from open waters, so this is pointless.”

“It’s been falling off my head for like hours.”

“Please, call me Jason Meowraz.”

“Summer is a time for reflection and self-awareness.”

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