21 Animals Who Will Definitely Not Stay Up Until Midnight

You’ll just have to ring in the new year without them!

1. “It’s just too bad this couch is made of clouds.”

2. “No, you’re yawning too rudely.”

3. “Just taking a wee little rest for my eyes.”

4. “Maybe I’ll finally become a gymnast in 2014.”


5. “Practicing my yoga. It’s never too late for yoga.”

6. “No, totally, pass the champagne, I’m good.”

7. “Well, it’s midnight somewhere. Probably. I don’t fully grasp the concept of time zones.”

8. “I must go! Sleep is calling URGENTLY!”


9. “Yeah, but if I get up now, someone will definitely steal my primo sleep spot.”

10. “Haha, can you believe that hilarious thing Anderson Cooper just said? I’m totally paying attention, I SWEAR.”


11. “We’re married, leave us be.”

12. “My resolution last year was to treat myself, so I’m still doing that one.”

13. “Oh man, I don’t even care about the fireworks right now. That’s how delightfully sleepy I am. BRING ‘EM ON.”

14. “This is my sleepsuit. I’m just, like, getting prepped.”

15. “What does ‘Auld Lang Syne’ even mean, dude?”

16. “I’ve given up on midnight. Makes no sense to dwell on the impossible.”


17. “A pillow for kitty, a pillow for kitty. Merry New Year to me!”

18. “Wake me up when it’s time to go to bed.”

19. “Well thank goodness there’s two of us.”

20. “Maybe I’m just not ready to face the new year quite yet. Did anyone ever think about that?”

21. “Happy New Year! Can we take these ties off yet? Dang.”

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