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    18 Animals Giving Themselves Daily Affirmations

    Life can get tough sometimes, but these animals know how to give a pet pep talk like the best of them!

    1. "People admire you!"

    2. "No one is better at being you... than you!"

    3. "Your inner beauty is just as bright as your outer beauty!"

    4. "Everyone wishes they could have your smile!"

    5. "Get out there, and be the best!"

    6. "Live with no regrets!"

    7. "You're more than just a cute face!"

    8. "Don't let the haters see you cry!"

    9. "People take your opinion seriously!"

    10. "Be bold enough to try something new!"

    11. "Who's gonna kick butt today? Huh?! YOU ARE!"

    12. "Your vibrant spirit will take you far in life!"

    13. "Find something to laugh super hard at today because you deserve it!"

    14. "This hairstyle isn't for everyone, and that's OK!"

    15. "My body is perfect for me!"

    16. "It's OK to nap as often as I do!"

    17. "I'm fierce! I'm crazy fierce! I can do anything!"

    18. "I love me!"

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