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An Ode To Coffeeshop Cats

Much like their pub and bookstore brethren, these café cats deserve your attention.

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Café cats like to stare at art...

...and they won't mind if you've let out a fart.

...they'll only mind a little when you part.

Literally anywhere can be their seat...

...but no one minds their cute lil feet.
Advertisement case they've got something to prove.

Never a kinder cat will you meet!

Maybe you'll find them hanging out in the garden...

...but if you act rude, they'll beg your pardon.

...or they'll sit there and brood.

Ugh, these cats can't believe you let your food harden.

Café cats know just how to pose...

...and thankfully they'll laugh at your jokes.

They like what you ordered...

...and don't mean to look bored, dude.

To café cats, please give a toast!