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An Ode To Bookstore Cats

A series of limericks for our literary buddies.

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They're always around to welcome you...

...with recommendations. (They have a few!) get at the treats, where they reside.

(Be sure to read Winnie the Pooh!)

Bookstore cats welcome all gifts...

...while finding fun places to sit(s).
Advertisement get to their favorite cart.

Their special box? Please don't try to lift.

It's best to let bookstore cats lie...

...if you don't, they'll give you the stink eye.

...and excuse the lack of pep.

...Cuz you might be hearing a deep sigh.

Most have a favorite shelf...

...but really, they're just trying to help.

...and let them have a squeeze.

Don't mock that their fave fabric is felt.

Say hello when they greet you at the door...

...hopefully they won't find you a bore.

...and the sun keeps them happy and warm.

Be quiet in case they're having a snore!

They'll help you with all your tough picks...

...and help you sort through the latest dicks*.


...and please stay a while!

Who knows, you might even get a kiss!