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    America Straight Up Lies About Nickelback Hatred

    Here's some straightforward evidence that proves we're actually the United States of Nickelback.

    So, no one hates Nickelback as much as they claim.


    Nickelback was featured on the Billboard 200 Albums of the Year Chart from 2001-2010.


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    "Someday" was on the Adult Pop Songs chart for 54 weeks. That's more than a year. (It was also on the Hot 100 and Radio Songs charts for 50 weeks each.)


    "Here and Now" - the current album from Nickelback - has earned a gold RIAA ranking.

    In fact, six of their seven total albums have earned either a gold or platinum rating in the U.S.


    Despite this pickle's efforts, and lists that instruct you to remove friends, 1.5 percent of Facebook users "Like" Nickelback.

    Not that it's, like, an astronomical amount or anything, but you can't just ignore 14 million people.


    Take a look at these Google Insights. The blue lines represent the search term "nickelback love;" the red lines are for "nickelback hate."

    CANADA searches for the negative option more often than the U.S. does.

    Not only that, but the U.S. searches "nickelback love" more than 2x than "nickelback hate."


    Much like finding out about dad's other family, now you have to deal with the fact that basically nobody hates Creed either.

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