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    16 Affirmations That Need To Be A Part Of Your Daily Routine

    Remember these so you can give yourself a pep talk whenever you need one! Inspired by one very confident cat.

    1. "Someone's ready to take on the world... and that someone is you!"

    2. "Lookin' good, lookin' fly, lookin' ready to reach for the sky."

    3. "Call me Miss Purrrrrfect."

    4. "You're gonna rock and star today because you are a rockstar!"

    5. "Don't let whoever, or whatever, the man is get you down today!"

    6. "Looked up your name in the dictionary. Found it under 'handsome.' So keep rockin' it, man."


    8. "Listen to your Kelly Clarkson and Christina Aguilera playlist today because you are an independent fighter who will take on the world AND WIN."

    9. "Can't believe someone so cute gets to go out into the world today! The world is so lucky!"

    10. "Hello, gorgeous! Someone woke up on the beautiful side of the bed today!"

    11. "Pssssst... I'm diggin' your whoooole lifestyle today. Keep it up!"

    12. "A little you goes a long way, because even just the smallest parts of you are amazing!"

    13. "Is there an award for 'Best and Cutest Ever'? BECAUSE I WOULD LIKE TO NOMINATE YOU."

    14. "Today feels like a good day to post a selfie. Actually, you should post one every day. Why? Because the world wants to share in your beauty!"

    15. "Are you a Disney movie? Because you look MAGNIFICENT oh I messed that one up, whatever, let's call it word play instead of a mistake! MY POINT IS YOU LOOK GREAT.


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