23 Adorable Side Effects Of Sleepiness

Being so snooze-y isn’t all bad.

1. Wristy business.

2. Curls of cuddles

3. Slight ennui.

4. Blending in.

5. Close proximity to duvets.

6. Extreme amount of coziness.

7. Wild wishes.

8. Art farts.

9. Potassium friendships.

10. Acting skills.

11. Sphinx-like behavior.

12. Shade.

13. Aversion to studying for classes.

14. Hula moves.

15. Refusal to get work done.

16. Inability to finish cooking.

17. Being one with nature.

18. Cuddle buddyship.

19. Ability to fall asleep anywhere/everywhere.

20. Tendency to be OVERLY DRAMATIC.

21. Perpetually ready for a fight.

23. WARNING: Sleepiness might be contagious.

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