17 Adorable Animal Piles In Which To Have The Nap Of A Lifetime

    Write these down on your travel bucket list, and see if you can nap at all these locations!

    1. Puppy Paradise offers bright amenities for the duration of your stay.

    2. Cheep Trick only plays '80s songs on repeat, but it's worth a visit!

    3. Your stay at the Cuter By The Dozen Inn will surely be luxurious.

    4. Reward card members of the SLOTH ZONE earn double cuddles on weekends!

    5. This feathery pile at Ducks 'R' Us has a long reservation list, but it's clearly worth the wait.

    6. Here at Eight's Great, your visit isn't complete until you've been stared at lovingly.

    7. This spot's called Bonus Mom, and it's so worth the value.

    8. Bring a special coupon with you to Black, White, and Cute All Over and you can feed these guys bamboo so that they'll love you forever.

    9. This is Recline Or Bust. Choose wisely.

    10. Hop on over to Sir Flops-A-Lot for the squishiest time of your life.

    11. Feel free to join Snooze Party Inn even if it doesn't look like there's any vacancies. You'll be more than welcome!

    12. Thanks for checking in at Box of Fluff! It's the comfiest place in the whole country.

    13. Owners of the This Little Piggy Went To Bed Hotel offer a rustic approach to napping.

    14. Feeling vintage? Check into Twitchum, Kickem, and Dream, the old timey bed and breakfast down the lane.

    15. This motel is like the cute version of Ryan Reynolds' piece of classic cinema Buried.

    16. Here at All Ears, your pile of friends will listen to every problem you've ever had!