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A Day In The Adorable Life Of Turbo The Hedgehog

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"I'm basically useless until I have my morning coffee."

"Gotta take the dog out for a walk, even in this weather!"

"Perfect-sized car to go run some errands in!"

"Thank goodness there was a sale on tiny olive oil today."

"Shopping break! Does this skirt make my butt look fabulous?"

"Lunch from the food court! Obviously all three of these meals are for me. Gotta maintain my figure."

"Just in time for our monthly neighborhood book club."

"Now don't tell anyone, but I need a little sugary pick-me-up for my afternoon."

"Practicing my foosball skills. That's an Olympic sport, right?"

"I love tending my garden. And oh, look, I made a small new friend!"

"Ahhh, pizza night for dinner. Fantastic way to end the day."

"Good night, snowman friend!"

"Now I lay me down to sleep..."

"...I sure do hope my quills stay sweet. G'night!"