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    7 Life Lessons From Legends Of The Hidden Temple

    What lessons did YOU learn from this beloved show? Here are seven things the very first episode taught us all.

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    1. "Nerds" candy are an acceptable consolation prize for the loser kids who didn't make it onto the rest of the show.

    2. Pool shoes are cool AND fashionable, no matter what the occasion actually is.

    3. Bows and ribbons are obviously not the same thing, Orange Iguanas/Idiots.

    4. Wear your khaki shorts above your waist or go home.

    5. TV execs can make children do an activity that a dog does by itself.

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    6. Those Temple Guards (who are just stagehands for the show) will mess you up in a heartbeat.

    7. Kids are not very likely to solve an impossible maze super quickly, so it's okay to make the grand prize a vacation to the Cayman Islands.

    BONUS: Someone must've grabbed Olmec by his "pendants of life."

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