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    45 Reasons "Gilmore Girls" Is The Best Thing To Happen To Netflix

    Ain't no party like a Stars Hollow party! Slight spoilers ahead if you haven't seen the series...yet.

    1. Because you get to experience the cozy glory of Luke's Diner again.

    2. Michel's attitude should be everyone's attitude.

    3. Now you'll remember how hard it was being the new kid at school.


    5. Sometimes you need to be reminded to take a hard look at your life choices.

    6. You need someone to wallow with.

    7. Everyone needs to see Lorelai receive a thousand yellow daisies as a wedding proposal at least once.

    8. Birthdays are cause for a major celebration!

    9. Because seeing Rory get a sneak peek at Harvard life is super thrilling.

    10. Jess comes to town and is A Delight.

    11. You get to witness Lorelai and Sookie succeed (eventually) at their many business ventures and projects.

    12. Because Jess smirks and is A Scamp.

    13. Everyone needs a guardian angel watching over them after they break a limb.

    14. Because you need to remember to TAKE THE DEVILED EGGS.

    15. Seeing Rory get broken up with while in 1940s garb will make you reevaluate all your bad breakups.

    16. Getting "beaked" is a real threat.

    17. You get to see the Gilmores be the most excited they could possibly allow themselves because Rory chose Yale!

    18. Even though graduations will make you cry, they'll also make you laugh.

    19. First nights at college don't have to be too scary if your BFF is with you.

    20. You get to witness Lorelai and Luke's very first movie night ever.

    21. Jason and Lorelai have a very un-Jason dinner, reminding everyone to enjoy the simple things in life, like rebellion and Pringles.

    22. Because Paris will say what you're really thinking.


    24. Because watching Rory go through emotional turmoil after losing her virginity really gives you a different perspective on life.

    25. Luke proves destiny is real with that horoscope he saved.

    26. Logan inspires Rory to take risks and might even inspire you to take some too.

    27. Because seeing Lorelai hit rock bottom after a breakup will help you deal with your emotional situations better.

    28. Paris will continue to drop knowledge as she matures from a spoiled brat into an informed brat.

    29. You need to see how poorly Rory deals with (some actually really rude) criticism.


    31. Community service isn't as glamorous as you might think...

    32. ...but the best mother-daughter duo reuniting after a massive fight can be amazing!

    33. You only need a whisper of ~peppermint.~

    34. Because you need to remember how significant June 3 is for your calendar.

    35. Jess wrote a book, so now he's A Mature Grown-Up.

    36. You can learn how to fight and laugh in order to become stronger as a family.

    37. Ultimatums may not always be the best direction, but they might be necessary in the long run.

    38. It'll show you that when your BFF gets pregnant, sometimes she just needs a hug and not a lecture.

    39. Always invite your daughter to your French wedding. ALWAYS.

    40. Lorelai will show you how important it is to preserve your own happiness.

    41. Because you need to see how metaphorical a hay bale maze can be.

    42. Because even though one dream may present itself unexpectedly...

    43. ...Rory shows that following your passion should always be more of a priority.

    44. And because where they led, they also followed.

    45. But, most importantly, because then you'll remember value of a great punchline: