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45 Dogs Who Want To Celebrate National Puppy Day With You

National Puppy Day is upon us once more! It's a wonderful opportunity to check out fuzzy friends, all found on Facebook, who need a loving home.

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These dogs would love to celebrate National Puppy Day with you. All they need first is to find their forever home! They're up for adoption, so now it's up to you to bring them home.

Follow the links under the photos to find more information from the amazing and informative adoption/rescue Facebook pages. If none are in your area, check out your local humane society or rescue organization so everyone can celebrate National Puppy Day!

1. Calvin can't wait to cuddle up!

2. This is Converse, and he's super happy to see you!

3. This cutie is a bit of an outdoorsy type, as you can see.

4. This lil buddy just wants to chill at the park allllllll day.

5. Juice is a sweetie with a lot of happy energy.

6. Tanya is ready to share a laugh!

7. Copper and Gunner are both totally ready for anything.

8. No one's more fashionable than Miss Sherrie.

9. Cutie Benjamina is shy but super sweet, she promises.

10. This buddy has a small smile, but it's totally worth it.

11. Cammie's just a happy girl who's ready to celebrate anything.

12. Look at this goof, Max. He probably knows a joke or two.

13. Koyah isn't afraid to show a little lovin'.

14. Buster and Spunky Brewster are two tomfoolers looking to have a fun time.

15. Here's Milk Dud, a cutie who'd just like to share a cuddle or two, that's all.

16. Butters is just as smooth as his name sounds.

17. Maybe you'd like to play pat-a-cake with Miss Paddy Cake?

18. Little Truffle has a taste for the zest of life.

19. You can't help but giggle with this guy!

20. Someone's really good at posing for photos.

21. Check out this rockin' scarf! Takes someone special to wear such a cute accessory.

22. These two fellas wouldn't mind sharing a heart-to-heart with you, too!

23. Matt might take a snooze break sometimes, but it's never for long!

24. See? Now Matt's all smiles!

25. Moo, who is not even close to being a cow, seems like he'd be just as sweet as one.

26. This cutie's name is Miley, and she'd like to share her toys!

27. You want Samoa of this puppy (...named Samoa)?

28. Sydney is ready for any adventure!

29. Teddy is essentially a teddy bear, just look at that face!

30. Captain's name makes it sounds like he could take charge of any fun time!

31. Lennon might be little, but he sure has a big amount of love to share!

32. Lola, and some buddies, are enjoying some much needed R&R.

33. Shhh... every good holiday requires some nap time.

34. Frogger is super excited to get the chance to play with you!

35. Boo and Sammie proudly wear their fashion sense on their sleeve. Or in this case, close to their heart!

36. Ahhhh, nothing like some warm sun on your face to remind you of all the happy things in the world!

37. Max can spill all the best shopping secrets on the way to the store.

38. McLovin doesn't mean to beg; that's just his face!

39. Chance happens to be an excellent babysitter.

40. This is Bowie. He's not sure either how so much cute can fit into such a little guy!

41. And this sweetie promises to not make fun of you - they just can't resist a good joke sometimes!

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