19 Ways Mini Horses Are Out To Kill Exercise Balls

Watch out for mini horses. They are cold-blooded murder machines.

1. 1. The “What Are YOU Looking At”

Don’t even try to mess with this mini horse while he’s getting his murder on. You could be next.

2. 2. The Not Worth A Second Glance

Ugh, stupid exercise ball. You disgust this mini horse.

3. 3. The Tiny Versus Tiniest

It doesn’t matter how big or small the ball may be, nothing is safe from the mini horse’s wrath.

4. 4. The Snacktime

Exercise balls make excellent enemies and chairs to relax on while enjoying a snack. Guess they’re not all bad.

5. 5. The Kitty Litter

This mini horse will keep digging until it gets to the bottom of this.

6. 6. The “You Can’t Run”

Nope. Not even you, camera operator, can try to protect this ball from meeting its demise.

7. 7. The Slip n’ Slide

It’s not that, like, the mini horse is embarrassed. He just wanted to, y’know, make sure the ball felt properly terrified.

8. 8. The Scary-Go-Round

Round and round and round it goes, where the horse stops is ON YOUR GRAVE, EXERCISE BALL.

9. 9. The Silencer

Shh, shh, it’s okay. This mini horse will just nuzzle you to death.

10. 10. The “No One Will Get In My Way”

Once he gets going, ain’t nothin’ gonna get in the way of this destructive path.

11. 11. The Roly Poly Bowl-You-Over

If exercise balls had necks, mini horses would be sure to snap them with their artful grips.

12. 12. The Double Team

Two sets of hooves are scarier than one, after all.

13. 13. The One Step Backward, Two Steps Dead

Just, like, give her a minute here. She’ll maim you eventually.

14. 14. The Alley-Oop

What goes up, must come down dead.

15. 15. The De-Fence

Sometimes a helpful fence can provide the extra oomph to really go at a ball.

16. 16. Mafi-Oh No

A brief conversation with some powerful people would motivate anyone to kill, probably.

17. 17. The Stomp and Stare

This mini horse just really loves OneRepublic and would be fine without killing anything today.

18. 18. The Front to Back

Kicking your exercise ball to death is a very popular form of murder.

19. 19. The Three Ring Circle-us

If it would just stop rolling for a second, the mini horse could get some work done around here!

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