12 Cuddly Bookstore Kitties

Find these cats in bookstores across the country, but don’t interrupt them when they’re reading “Furry Shades of Grey.”

2. 2 and 3. Cleo and Alice

Find these two at The Dusty Bookshelf in Kansas (Manhattan and Lawrence, respectively).

3. 4. Kona

Miss Kona works at Bound to be Read Books. The website explains that the “tradition of bookstore cats goes back to the beginning of bookstores, when cats were kept in shops to ‘discourage’ mice from damaging the books.”

4. 5. Evinrude (and buddies)

A bunch of kitties hang around The Book Barn in Connecticut. Evinrude was named after a boat motor for his love of the water (not for his purring!).

5. 6. Asimov

Nocturnal/noisy Asimov lives and works at Seek Books in Massachusetts.

6. 7. Linda

Miss Linda belonged to a bookstore that closed down. Luckily, the store’s new owner took her in. Eventually, he opened Rob Warren Books.

7. 8 and 9. Hayes and Rainer

These cuties belong to Spoonbill & Sugartown Books, located in Brooklyn. This black cat and three-legged tabby welcome any visitor to the store - though if it’s hot outside, don’t expect a sterling attitude about it.

8. 10. Guthrie

Find Guthrie at the Boston Book Annex and you might also find his cat buddy, Wakefield.

9. 11. Ripley

Though Ripley is no longer at Borderlands Books in San Francisco, she is remembered as a calm and gentle cat.

10. 12. Sessa

Find Sessa at the Philadelphia Rare Books and Manuscripts Company. She’s so popular, friends and fans email her pictures of their own cats.

Find more bookstore cats at MentalFloss!

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