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    11 Desktop Backgrounds Featuring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

    Thanks to "Dwayne Johnson Wallpapers The Rock," your classic wallpapers are now enhanced with The Rock's visage. He blends in so naturally!

    1. Fast Five Movie The Rock at Desert Wind wallpaper

    2. Dwayne Johnson Smiling in Tulips Flowers Fields wallpaper

    3. The Rock Desert Clothing in Blue Vortex Space desktop wallpaper

    4. The Rock shows biceps and tattoo in Sunset Landscape desktop wallpaper

    5. Faster Movie in Stonehenge Rock Monument wallpaper

    6. The Rock Smiling While You Work Actor in Red Moon Desert wallpaper

    7. The Rock Shows Biceps Tattoo in Moon Light wallpaper

    8. Movie actor The Rock in Desert Uniform Clothing in Aquarium with Fishes wallpaper

    9. The Rock shows Biceps and Tattoo Bull in Ascent Moon over Blue Mountain Background

    10. The Rock Faster Action Movie in Beautiful Countryside Landscape Background. Dwayne Johnson Wallpapers for the fans

    11. Movie actor The Rock smiles and keeps smiling while you work at your computer, in classic Autumn Trees Background.