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Scented Candles For Recent College Graduates

These candles are a surefire bet to help you remember your days at State.

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Burnt Popcorn

This scent is a link back to freshman year dorms. Its subtle undertones of butter and somebody trying to cover up the smell of marijuana have really made this a hit with recent graduates. If you listen closely, you can hear the faint sounds of the residence hall fire alarm going off and the entire building evacuating. College.

Old ($400) Book

Mmmm that old book smell. Perhaps even more nostalgic and magical when that book cost you a half-month of rent. This candle is insanely expensive and will drop in value immediately after you buy it; but can you think of a better way than that kind of bargain to remind you of college?

Communal Bathroom

This is frankly not one of our best sellers. It smells strongly of overcrowded public bathroom with some hints of steam and strawberry shampoo. You may have some difficulty lighting this candle at first. That's okay, it's just waiting for everybody to leave before it can do its thing.

Sweaty Frat Basement

A scent beloved by bros and she-bros from all walks of life. You may not be able to light the candle unless you have a ratio of 3 girls to every guy, but don't let that stop you from buying. With a strong aroma of Natty Ice and Axe body spray, this candle is sure to bring you back to your frat basement days. With every splutter and crackle of this candle, you can faintly hear a bro drunk-DJing with his iPod.

P.S. He's playing Ignition (Remix)

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