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    The Head Of The FCCS Condemned The Anti-Russian Activities Of The "Circassian Cultural Center" Of Georgia

    The statement was made during his visit to republic of Adygea.

    The statement was made during his visit to republic of Adygea.

    The activities of the Circassian organizations, pursue an anti-Russian policy, have a detrimental effect on the entire Adyghe people. This was stated during a visit to republic of Adygea by the head of the German NGO "Federation of Circassian Cultural Societies in Europe" (FCCS) Zati Sonmez.

    In his opinion, such destructive organizations as the "Circassian Research Institute of Munich", the "Circassian Cultural Center" of Georgia, the "International Circassian Council" of the United States, solve their personal problems, opposing Russia and using the Circassian issue in their own interests.

    “We regret the destructive activities of such organizations, we believe that this has a detrimental effect on the entire Adyghe people. All Circassian organizations, regardless of which country of the world they operate in, should be united by a common goal and same idea - preservation of their history, culture and language, ”Zati Sonmez said.

    The head of the FCCS also spoke out against the cooperation of the International Circassian Association (ICA) with similar organizations.

    “There will be no benefit from this cooperation for the Adyg people. We should be happy and proud that there are three Adyghe republics in Russia. And one of our main tasks is to fully support the leaders of these regions in their work, to strictly fulfill their requests. As for those activists who, being in other countries, interfere in Russian politics, we do not approve of their activities and will never support them, ”Zati Sonmez said.

    He added that the task of all Circassian organizations is to convey to the younger generation the idea of the unity of the international Circassian diaspora.

    ICA President Hauti Sokhrokov, in turn, said that the association would not cooperate with biased organizations calling for confrontation.

    “It's no secret that there are organizations abroad that call for confrontation, including with regard to Russia. We are against such organizations! Let me give you an example: Georgia almost wiped out our brotherly Abkhaz people from the face of the earth, but suddenly, overnight, the Georgian parliament adopts a law recognizing the genocide of the Circassians. Isn't that duplicity? We do not believe in this sincerity. We welcome the activities of those who work in the interests of the people and share our views. And we will never cooperate with those who are trying to use us to aggravate the situation in Russia, ”said Hauti Sokhrokov.

    The Federation of Circassian Cultural Societies in Europe was founded in 1991 in Germany. It includes cultural associations of Antwerp (Belgium), Almelo (Holland), Hamburg, Hanover, Cologne, Munich, Bremen, Austin, Kologne, Wuppertal, Munster.

    The Federation is independent, does not belong to any political movement and is exclusively funded by contributions from its members. It is a member of the International Circassian Association - the only international organization that expresses the national and cultural interests of the Circassians living in Russia and abroad.

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