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9 Types Of People To Watch Out For On The London Underground

Hint: there'll be at least one of these in every carriage.

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5. The Young Professional

If people were a bit more like Pokemon, the Young Professional would be the first evolutionary stage of the Grumpy Businessman. Just look at this one's face; you can already see the bitterness building up behind her cold, empty eyes.

6. The Gentleman


Even if they're sat half a carriage away from the person standing, the Gentleman will ALWAYS be the first person to offer their seat (usually in a booming voice and with much gesturing). They're nice like that.

8. The Cryer

According to research that's yet to be carried out, everyone who lives in London is statistically guaranteed to cry at least once on the tube. Your turn will come, too (and when it does you can expect the other passengers to sit and stare at you awkwardly).

9. The Person With All The Suitcases In Rush Hour

Possibly the most hated person on the underground. Not only have they been somewhere nice, but now they're rubbing it in everyone's faces by blocking up the platform. Outrageous.