18 Incredibly Annoying People You Find In Every Cinema

If you don’t stop chewing so loudly, something bad is going to happen.

1. 1. The Person In The Queue That Gives Away The Ending

2. 2. The Person That Comes In Late

Just because you’re doing that shuffling half-crouch thing doesn’t mean you’re not STILL BLOCKING THE SCREEN AND ANNOYING EVERYONE.

3. 3. The Whisperer

Yes, you’re whispering but I can still hear you. Everybody in the room can hear you.

4. 4. The Loud Reactor

You’re going to need to tone that laugh down.

5. 5. The Sweet Rustler

I’m about *this* close to doing something very, very unpleasant. Put the Maltesers down.

6. 6. The Noisy Chewer

Channel 4 / Via themarysue.com

My patience is wearing thin.

7. 7. The Slurper

Miramax Films / Via elitedaily.com

Yes, you got it all. I’m pretty sure you got it all. Now please shut up.

8. 8. The Texter

Just because your phone is on silent doesn’t mean I can’t see the STUPID SHITTING LIGHT FROM YOUR SCREEN.

9. 9. The Person Whose Phone Rings

10. 10. The Person Who ACTUALLY ANSWERS When Their Phone Rings

11. 11. The Heavy Breather

Breathe normally, you sound like a sex criminal.

12. 12. The Armrest Hog

Twentieth Century Fox / Via tumblr.com

Half each, that’s the fair amount. Half. Fucking. Each.

13. 13. The Sniffler

Sick people shouldn’t be allowed in cinemas.

14. 14. The Cougher

Universal Pictures / Via talesofatwentysomething.com

They really, REALLY shouldn’t be allowed in cinemas.

15. 15. The ‘Handsy’ Couple

Nobody wants to see that.

16. 16. The Questioner

If you spent less time asking questions and more time CONCENTRATING then you might understand what’s going on.

17. 17. The Mess Maker

No, strangely enough I don’t want your popcorn stuck in the sole of my shoe.

18. 18. The Person With Gigantic Hair

Fox / Via imgur.com

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