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    To Gear Up For The Finale, Here Are The 10 Best Scenes In "Nevertheless,"

    *Spoiler Alert* (This is for the Editorial Fellowship)

    Catching falling leaves

    Do-hyeok looking at Na-bi outside

    Jae-eon and Gyu-hyun talk

    Min-gwi with a black hat and striped shirt looking away from camera

    Sharing a lollipop

    Na-bi leaning back on handrail outside with Jae-eon with one hand on handrail and one hand holding a lollipop

    Na-bi and Jae-eon meet

    Jae-eon behind Na-bi at a bar helping her aim dart

    Seol-a getting told off

    Na-bi outside holding a coffee cup talking to Seol-a

    Na-bi's racy dream

    Camping out with Do-hyeok

    Do-hyeok and Na-bi in the back of a van at night covered in a blanket. Do-hyeok is leaning forward with a camera in his hands while Na-bi is asleep next to him

    Jae-eon getting rejected in the rain

    Sol + Ji-wan are official

    Ji-wan holding a spoon up and sitting next to Sol

    Drunken games

    Do-hyeok's cousin has hand up, whispering to Jae-eon as he looks away and leans toward her

    The finale to "Nevertheless," comes out this Saturday. Who do you think Na-bi will end up with, Jae-eon or Do-hyeok?