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Indiana University's Little 500: The Best College Week In America

this is Indiana, ya we do it big

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For those of you who don't know, the Little 500 is a big bike race that takes place amongst sororities and fraternities and other organizations

But for the rest of campus, Little 500 is an excuse to drink all week long

Monday through Thursday, your week is filled with themes from toga parties to Greek weddings to beaches

You start freaking out because you clearly don't just have a toga ready in your closet

But when you get your outfit all done and ready.. no one's messing with you because your lil 5 game is on point

your night can get a little wild... and you end up hooking up with your biker buddy

your night doesn't end until you've ordered late night Pizza X that you will regret in the morning

For those of you old enough to go to the bars.. Roys and Sports bascially consume all your money but you're sorta ok with it

You start to become an extreme alocholic this week beause you literally can't stop drinking

You can't stop drinking.. therefore.. no one goes to class

For some reason... you've decided to jump into the pool that the frat has and you think you look like hot shit

Honorary pool: Sammy

but in reality you don't because you're blacked out and you now probably have an STD

You might even get lucky if your pair throws down a quad and gets a famous artist to perform for you

Honorary Members: Sammy and DeltsHonorary Artist: Waka Flocka Flame

Honorary Members: Sammy and Delts

Honorary Artist: Waka Flocka Flame

The weekend finally comes and it's RACE DAY

At this point you're having a love hate relationship with dartying and Karkov

but you keep going because.. well.. it's little 5

Sunday morning you have PTSD because you have to accept that little 5 is over

You realize Lil 5 is coming to an end and you're gonna have to start studying for finals

But lil 5 was the best week of your life.. well untill the next year

Well done Indiana. Well done lil 5.

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