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16 Reasons You Know You're A Freshman At Indiana University

no really who's your daddy?

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1. When you get your living assignments and you get Northwest

2. When you're not in a greek house first semester

3. When Pizza X forgets my breadstick sauce

4. But when I walk into my dorm with my Pizza X I'm like...

everybody wants a slice..

5. Gresham.

6. Attending off campus parties 1st semester

7. When you walk into Beta for the first time

you're in awe because it's literally a country club not a frat

8. When you see the homeless on kirkwood for the first time

9. the first time you hear "this is indiana" at a party

10. the first time you have a little to much Grape Karkov

11. When someone tells you they are a Kelley Direct Admit

12. Experiencing your first tailgate

13. Eating way to much Pizza X/Jimmy Johns/Fortune Cookie/Baked

14. When you miss Pizza X delivery by 15 minutes

15. Finally joining a sororoity

16. Walking out of your first college final

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