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The Ultimate Survival Guide For Last-Minute Holiday Shoppers In 2020

If you tend to procrastinate on your holiday shopping, this post is for you (and also me, TBH).

So the holidays are coming up, and you're not even remotely prepared. What else is new?

But just because you tend to procrastinate, it doesn't mean your loved ones should have to suffer the consequences. Right? Right. So we're here to help you hack the season with an ultimate survival guide that'll have you stocking your, well, stockings, with all the essentials right on time:

1. Maintain an address list year-round.

2. Consider the gifting style of each person on your list.

3. Mark at least two days off for actual shopping.

4. Take ~the times~ into account when online shopping.

5. Subscription boxes are a last-minute lifesaver.

6. Hobbies are also great hints for easy gifts.

7. Opt for in-store gift wrapping wherever possible.

8. If you feel overwhelmed, start with stamps.

9. If all else fails: gift cards.

Whew. Now that you've got all the tips you need, you can finally procrastinate in peace.

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