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    11 Movies You Didn't Realize Were Actually About Vaping

    Juul thank me later.

    1. This film about a woman who just wanted to blow smoke rings like her idol.

    2. This teenage rom-com about a sporty girl whose life is interrupted by a young, hot vaper.

    3. This memorable film about the vape that must be destroyed.

    4. That memorable crime flick in which everyone is held hostage on a train and forced to use e-cigarettes.

    5. This film about ruthless mob bosses with a dirty habit.

    6. That hokey rom-com about a hapless bachelor who must win over a woman using only epic smoke rings.

    7. The film in which both a young man and his mentor must reevaluate their principles after they meet a young woman who vapes.

    8. The epic journey of two cowboys looking for a place to vape in peace.

    9. This ol' classic in which a self-made millionaire takes up vaping in order to prove something to his son.

    10. That neo-noir mystery flick in which a retired WWII veteran must investigate the case of a missing vape.

    11. And finally, that hilarious caper in which four Jamaican bobsledders dream of vaping at the Winter Olympics.