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    Updated on Oct. 5, 2019. Posted on Oct. 2, 2019

    Dear God, This Pants Ad For "Hockey Butt" Is The Thirstiest Thing I've Ever Seen

    Cause of death: hockey butt.

    So, if you're Canadian, you watch a lot of hockey.

    NHL / Via

    And obviously, hockey players face all kinds of challenges on and off the ice.

    CBC / Via

    But today, an ad by clothing company State & Liberty featuring Detroit Red Wings player Dylan Larkin wants to spread awareness of one challenge in particular:

    State & Liberty


    Apparently it is hard for hockey players to shop for jeans because their butts are disproportionately large for their waists, which, fair.

    State & LIberty

    But this ad in particular is...

    State & Liberty

    ...having an effect on me.

    State & Liberty

    And I...oh god.

    State & Liberty

    I'm having trouble breathing?

    State & Liberty

    Actually, can someone call 911? I think I'm dying.

    State & Liberty / GIPHY

    Needless to say, the thirst has not gone unnoticed.

    this is the kind of targeting marketing i want to see from the NHL

    “What are some qualities you look for in a man?” Me:

    Me watching this ad on repeat:

    State & Liberty

    From all of us in Canada: Thank you, State & Liberty.

    NHL / Via