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    13 Party Products You Need For Your Summer Celebrations

    After a year of cancelled summer parties, make the most of this year's celebrations with 13 products that will elevate your parties for every occasion this season! From snacks, cocktails, gifts, and everything in between, discover new trends for summer parties.

    1. Sustainable Potato Chips from SpudLove Chips

    SpudLove Potato Chips

    Looking for the perfect summer party snack that everyone will love? Look no further with SpudLove Chips! The organic and sustainably farmed potato chips are slow cooked to add an extra crunch and come in five flavors. Enjoy this delicious snack while taking a break from the summer pool party fun!

    2. Boil-in-Bag Success Rice

    Boil-in-Bag Success Rice
    Success Rice

    For all the people who love hosting guests but despise cooking, the Success Boil-in-Bag Rice is for you. Success Rice is the perfect side to go with your main dish that is ready in minutes! Just add one cup water or broth, microwave for 10 minutes, and this side dish is ready to be served at any summer party!

    3. Low Carb Dinner Rolls from Aunt Millie's Bread

    Aunt Millie's Live Carb Smart Dinner Rolls
    Aunt Millie's

    Love bread, but not carbs? Aunt Millie's Live Carb Smart Dinner Rolls to all your summer parties that will become a guest favorite! These dinner rolls are only one net carb, one gram of sugar per roll, free from high fructose syrup, and contain high amounts of fiber. Feel free to indulge in bread without guilt at all your summer parties!

    4. Omaha Steaks Private Reserve Dry Rub

    Omaha Steaks Private Reserve Dry Rub
    Omaha Steaks

    No one is going to leave your summer barbecue unhappy after eating perfectly seasoned meat with Omaha Steaks Private Reserve Dry Rub. A mouth watering blend of pepper, sea salt, coriander, dill, and caraway over a baseline of garlic, chili pepper and onion, your guests will be asking for seconds, guaranteed. This seasoning blend is completely fool proof to make your steak, pork, and poultry downright delicious.

    5. Cave Tools Weighted Meat Claws

    Cave Tools Weighted Meat Claws
    Cave Tools

    Upgrade your summer barbecue with Cave Tools weighted meat claws. Shred meat with the weighted claws in seconds to make cooking and grilling at parties that much easier. Make taking meat out of the oven, Crock Pot, or grill simple in seconds with these meat claws. It's never been easier to enjoy shredded chicken and pulled pork as the main dish at the summer party.

    6. The Perfect Fan from Fan a Cake

    Fan A Cake
    Fan A Cake

    Regardless of the pandemic, birthdays must go on. Bring on the birthday cake this summer with Fan a Cake! With a fun variety of birthday designs for the birthday princess or birthday king, the fans blow out candles spit free. Fan a Cake lets you keep your favorite traditions alive in a way that is sanitary and safe for all.

    7. SmashUps by American Greetings

    SmashUps by American Greetings
    American Greetings

    For the summer birthday boy or girl SmashUps video e-cards are the perfect gift! Highly personalized and easily shareable, these cards are perfect for any age or personality. In addition, they feature award winning celebrities like Alicia Keys, Dolly Parton, Donny Osmond, and more.

    8. Sustainable Water Bottle from Purifyou

    Purifyou Water Bottle

    Stay hydrated at your summer pool parties this year with a reusable water bottle to remind you to drink your water! Ditch plastic bottles for good with a Purifyou glass water bottle. With their Give Back Project, a portion of every purchase is donated to promote global sustainable living for a healthier planet. The bottle is 100% leak free and thermal resistant with indicators to make sure you stay on top of your water intake during your fun summer parties.

    9. Ragproper Glass Flask

    Ragproper Glass Glask

    Summer parties are back in action, and who wants to carry around a bottle of alcohol or pay for an over priced drink? Stay prepared this summer with Ragproper's 100 ML high quality glass flask adorned with a hand stitched genuine leather sleeve. The flask features a pour window allowing you to prevent over pouring and perfect for sharing with buddies.

    10. Kong Beer Bong

    Kong Beer Bong
    Kong Beer Bong

    Unleash the potential of the party star this summer with Kong Beer Bong. This beer bong is insulated with a16oz cooling cup equipped with a detachable beer bong hose. If things get messy while getting your summer party on, the insulated cup is easily washable and stain resistant. Whether you're chugging beer or simply keeping your soda cool, get the most fun out of your beverage

    11. Customizable Ice Mold from Tovolo

    Tovolo Bull Dog Ice Mold

    Tovolo ice molds are about to make summer parties a lot more refreshing. With a variety of ice molds to choose from including a rose, football, bull dog, or plain sphere, elevate your drink in style this summer. The ice molds creates slow melting ice that keeps your drink of choice cool even on the hottest day of summer. The molds are dish washer safe, BPA free, and feature tight fitting lids to make them easily stackable in your freezer.

    12. Cocktail Kit from A Bar Above

    A Bar Above Cocktail Set
    A Bar Above

    Whether your favorite summer party drink is a strawberry mojito or a spicy margarita, A Bar Above four piece bar kit has all the necessities to make refreshing summer cocktails for every summer party. The all-inclusive kit includes a two-piece Boston shaker, a Hawthorne strainer, and a two-sided jigger with measurement lines for the perfect pour. The perfect drink awaits your summer parties!

    13. Zip Top Containers

    Zip Top

    Don't know how to store your summer party leftovers? Look no further with plastic free Zip Top containers. These BPA, lead, PVC, and phthalate free containers come in various colors and are durable for all of your summer party leftovers. Zip Top containers are dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe, perfect for all leftover storage needs.