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    11 Sustainable Trends And Products To Incorporate In Your Daily Routine In 2022

    Unsustainable practices such as single-use plastics and using harsh chemicals for personal care and cleaning are out, while making greener choices are becoming mainstream in 2022 and beyond. Take better care of you and the earth this by implementing these 11 eco-friendly trends and products throughout the year.

    1. Say goodbye to single-use plastic water bottles

    2. Enjoy your favorite beverages with biodegradable straws

    3. Use recycled packaging when mailing items

    4. Use eco-friendly ingredients with personal sanitization

    5. Invest in clean, sustainable home and personal care products

    6. Invest in luxury self care products with compostable packaging

    7. Make better cuisine choices

    8. Satisfy your sweet tooth and baking needs with clean ingredients and a brand that gives back

    9. Incorporate eco-friendly, reusable storage containers with meal prepping and storing leftovers

    10. Grow your own herbs

    11. Say goodbye to paper towels