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You Didn't Build That, But Neither Did GOP Small Businesses

Obama's "you didn't build that," remark reveals holes in Romney's campaign strategy and inspires backlash among GOP supporters.

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Still in an uproar over Obama’s “you didn’t build that,” comment regarding small business at a speech in Virginia earlier this month, the Romney campaign and its supporters have launched a variety of efforts to challenge the president’s words.

What they aren’t saying is that Obama’s remarks aren’t particularly new ideas and they basically reiterate statements expressed by Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren last September.

The video of Warren below :

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However, Obama’s remark has been grossly misinterpreted—in fact, the full statement reads:

However, Obama’s remark has been grossly misinterpreted—in fact, the full statement reads:

Somebody invested in roads and bridges, if you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that, somebody else made that happen.

The Fox newscast video of Obama’s speech simply fades out before the president mentions roads and bridges, and immediately fades back in when the infamous “you didn’t build that,” statement is uttered.

Meet the newest catchphrase in American politics and one that’s generated so much GOP fervor that it’s become the centerpiece of Romney’s campaign.

This week the Romney campaign announced a series of events championing the triumphs of small business owners. The tagline of these events is “We did build this,” which obviously serves as a rebuttal to Obama.

But as a study finds, 13 of the businesses included as examples of individual successes have taken in a total of over 4.7 million dollars in government grants and contracts.

But that probably won’t stop Romney’s supporters from touting their allegiance to private enterprise and small government because now there are a variety of spin-off products, websites and even a song to combat the president’s infamous words.

Follow the link above to the website.

And lucky for us, there’s even a song—a parody to Jefferson Starship’s “We built this City,” that was played on conservative radio host Tim Schnitt’s nationally syndicated show yesterday.

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But perhaps there’s no better analysis than Daily Show host John Stewart’s, who illustrates that Romney is probably running away with Obama’s statement because he has no other choice.

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