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The 18 People You Meet In A Bar As Told By Red Pandas

Red pandas are really important and so is that rum and coke.

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1. The underagers nervously fiddling with fake IDs while waiting to get in.

2. That dude who feels too awkward to dance so he casually stands in the corner and does vague twitching motions to the beat.

3. That one girl who is struggling a little bit and needs to hang on to any structural support system available to stay upright.

Send help.

4. That guy who's all about the bar nachos.

Drunk noms are the best noms.

5. The couple who's having a lot of fun with the tequila and limes.

6. That one guy/girl who says he/she has "swag" and is completely serious.

7. The guy who is trying to fight everyone in his general vicinity.


8. That one wandering friend being tracked down by their designated sober babysitter.

9. Those two girls who suddenly decided to be best friends because they drunkenly complimented each other in the bathroom.

10. That ex you weren't prepared to run into.

11. That dude/chick who has been hitting on you all night and CANNOT take a hint and needs to keep their hands to themselves.

12. That guy who slips how often he goes to the gym into the conversation.

We get it.

13. The girl who is seriously regretting her decision to wear heels.

14. That one guy/girl you've been flirting back and forth with all night.

Gotta love the chase.

15. Those girls who frantically get together when that one song comes on and scream, "THIS IS OUR JAM!!!!"

Commence holding hands and dancing in a circle.

16. That one guy who makes a game out of photobombing.

17. That hookup you know you're going to regret in the morning but you let it happen anyway.

Blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-a-alcohol.

18. And your best friend, who has your back regardless of any poor decisions you may or may not make.

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