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Finals Week As Told By 21 Jump Street

Chemistry's the one with the shapes and shit, right?

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Finals. The one thing that stands in between you and winter break.

Most likely it starts out with group projects due the week before. And you're under the impression that you and four other people are going to be sharing an equal work load because you're a good person.

Don't deceive me into thinking you can handle more than the introduction.

But the world is cruel, so of course you're stuck doing all the work. And as you burn the midnight oil, you look at your group like,

And when they even tried to do anything, you were like,

Group projects are the fucking worst. Why is everyone incompetent??

Group projects are the fucking worst. Why is everyone incompetent??

But you finished! On time! So the weekend before exams shows up and you deserve to let off some steam.


And that one level-headed friend of yours is like, "Hi, maybe you should throw in a textbook with that vodka?" And you're like,

Shhhh Jiminy Cricket, we're all winners tonight.

But then it's morning...and you realize exams are basically two days from now, so you're kind of regretting your decisions. But you chalk it up to typical poor judgment of the ~youth.~


So you check out your schedule to see how you can prioritize. First thing's first: are you really going to get that paper done by Friday?

At least you're honest.

So you email your teacher for an extension.

Okay, maybe you won't go that far. But seriously, you need that extension.

Once that's done, you check out the rest of your workload. Unfortunately you're still like,

Because there is so much shit you still have to learn.

And your teachers are probably laughing and looking at you like,

Remember when you thought it'd be a great idea to take that awesome science class with that quirky professor who looked like Dumbledore if you squinted your right eye a little?

Yeah, his final is cumulative. SURPRISE!

Expecto PatroNO.

But luckily the rest of the class feels the same way. So you sort of band together and form a study group.

Depends. Do you have the notes from that one day I skipped class because it was raining and I didn't want to walk?

It gets a little overwhelming. You begin to seek help in higher places.

But you also realize that Jesus was probably sending angels around to all the colleges in the world being like,

So instead there are magical energy drinks abound in your dorm/apartment, which is basically the next best thing to divine intervention.

Exam #1 is down. But you still have a few left. And no one seems to understand your stress level, so you're getting a little irritable.

And everyone around you is like,

Excuse me, are you trying to get in the way of my caffeine?

You've been staring at your notes so long that, at one point, you're not even sure what class you're studying for.

You download all the practice quizzes.

They don't inspire much confidence.

And as the hours tick by and night turns into 3 AM, you're pretty much reduced to nothing but shaking and neurotics.

It's a lot of you being like,

As you're groaning about that cumulative science class and calling it useless out of spite, there's that one guy who's like,

Fuck that guy.

And then once 4 AM hits, you just give up. You begin resenting yourself for taking Dumbledore's class. You don't care about this course.


So you roll up at 8:30 ready to take the final, realizing that you just don't give a shit and they're lucky you even showed up in the first place.

Let's do it.

But as you sit there, you're pleasantly surprised to find that you actually knew a good amount of the questions.

And about an hour and a half later, YOU'RE FREE FOREVER.

You head to the library and spend a few more hours studying for your next exam. As it turns out, that one's not too bad either. So you're pretty much like,

And you come away from the classes with a few useful skills under your belt. It's all over and done with, and you're feeling pretty good. The semester's over!

But first, nap time.

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