Sam Bell
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    • Sam Bell

      You are the one who needs to get their facts straight. South East Asian people do NOT have black blood in them. What people call “black” to refer to them is actually a separate race belonging to the same group as australoid. The only thing they have in common with black are the gene codes for their skin color and hair. Other than that they’re further from them than Caucasians themselves. And Latin people cannot be close to anyone because they are NOT a race, they can be black, white, mestizo, mulatto and even East Asian. The next time you start a respone with lol make sure you make your research first.

    • Sam Bell

      You (and many other people) claim the author is biased and didn’t bring actual proof to the table, yet you make all the mistakes you accuse him of committing, in fact, you’re not much better than the racist non-black people that claim black women look like monkeys, the only difference is that you do it subtly. You claim that:
      A) black women are exotic and America loves exotic people
      B) white women emulate black features
      All of these imply black people are more attractive. Some of your flawed statements don’t even need science to be debunked because some rational thinking is enough. Exotic doesn’t mean non-white, as many people think, exotic means RARE. There’s no way a person is rare just because they’re black, especially when there are millions of them. An actual exotic person is a person who is rare in a certain country or rare even among people of its own race. When you make up to 13% of the population of the US there’s no way you are exotic just because you are non-white. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to be hit hard in their head with a dictionary. What black features are white women trying to emulate? Full lips? Tanned skin? Big breasts? Small waists? You never said which and I don’t want to assume anything, but I’ll explain about those since it has been mentioned by other posters that might be reading this reply.
      Full lips can easily be found in Asian and Native American people. In fact, the size of the lips white women get are more similar to them than they are to those of black women.
      Tanned skin is common among South East Asians, Natives and whites themselves, so why this sort of skin is suddenly “black” when black people on average have much darker skin? Big breasts are NOT a black trait either. According to statistics most sub-Saharan countries have A and B cups as average, while Northen countries tend to be significantly bigger reaching D cup in some countries. While this statistic could be inaccurate as most women wear the wrong size, there’s no way that a woman who wears a D is actually an A and vice-versa. Cinched waists which are the ACTUAL small waists that people refer to when they say “hourglass” cannot be achieved through surgery unless liposuction is performed on a woman who has a small ribcage IN COMPARISON to her pelvis to begin with. A woman with a narrow pelvis won’t achieve this result no matter how flat her belly is. In any case, wider pelvis is a WHITE trait (read my comments below). And large buttocks, although they’re much more common among black women, according to this research ( ) they’re the ones who request for the big butt and lateral thighs (which many people mistake for hips). Butt surgery isn’t as popular according to statistics as people claim it is. Many surgeries are much more popular. You might say that I’m biased and imply whites are more attractive, but unlike you, I already made a post backed up by scientific data that you can verify with a Google clicks, that those standards to which whites live up are nothing more that white standards, while blacks (and people of other races) have different standards according to which white women might be less attractive, such as round buttocks. All these UNFOUNDED claims about a race being better than the other are nothing but self-serving and deep down have other purpose than feeding your ego.

    • Sam Bell

      Try readin Jon Entine, Phillip Rushton or any other scientific article on the matter. It´s a well known fact in the scientific community, as counterintuitive as it might sound. The reason why black women are considered to have wide hips is because they have more muscle around the thighs and a bigger butt, which is often mistaken for hips. Also, some have more fat deposits in those parts, but still, that doesn´t equal wide hips. As an example you can see Melyssa Ford, who has big butt and shapely thighs but lacks any sort of waist definition, which a woman with actual wide hips would have: Black women are rarely shaped as Nina Dobrev, for example:
      who has a flat butt butt, not so shapely thighs, but quite defined waist and hip bones. One of the reason why blacks tend to see themselves curvier it´s because they put more emphasis in their butt, than in the actual hips and waist, and also because of the tendecy in white cultures to put on a pedestal skinny/slim women, and this sort of things can highly condition our perception. Your reply seems to be angry, and sorry if I´m wrong, but the facts I just wrote are uncontested in scientific community. If you don´t believe it fine, but facts are facts.

    • Sam Bell

      It’s hard to tell how accurate this is since the number of people he asked is very limited and the race of those people haven’t been mentioned.

      It’s very important to consider the race/ethnicity of those who are being asked since those elements are basic of how we rate races. People are instinctively ethnocentric and judge others based on their own standards.

      Asian, white and black women are built differently, and that is a fact. Asian women have less testosterone and their facial features are more childlike, their height is lower and their muscle mass index is lower too. White women, on the other hand, tend to have thinner lips, narrower noses, wider hips and pelvis, fuller breasts, smaller buttocks, and stand on average at a higher height than Asian women. Black women usually have longer limbs, narrower hips, fuller buttocks and smaller chests. All of this information is the result of actual scientific research and is objective, what varies it’s how people of different races see beauty.

      As white women have smaller butts and wider hips white men tend to favor a lower frontal WHR (0.7) and place less importance on the size of the buttocks. Black men prefer, on average, a frontal WHR of 0.8 and give more importance to butt and thighs size than to actual hips.

      All that means that beauty is subjective, but only to a certain point, because there are clear standards in every culture and things like facial symmetry and more feminine proportions have been rated higher regardless of the group, it just that one group prefers, for example, a higher WHR, while the other prefers it to be lower, but still, more noticeable hips and butt, and softer features than men.

      This research had some mistakes, but the reason why it was so frowned upon it’s because it was very offensive to an entire race. Even if it was accurate, the results of its publication would have been the same, because it’s hard for people to understand that races aren’t equal and that on average, all of them have advantages and disadvantages one over another. I’ve seen similar reactions of people to articles where scientific research proved that blacks on average are better athletes because of their built and that East Asians have, on average, higher IQs.

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