Are You Secretly A Paleontologist?

Do you know your Alectrosaurus from your Zuniceratops?

  1. What is the correct order of the Mesozoic era?
    1. Jurassic - Cretaceous - Triassic
    2. Triassic - Cretaceous - Jurassic
    3. Triassic - Jurassic - Cretaceous
    4. Cretaceous - Jurassic - Triassic
  2. Humans are closer in time to the tyrannosaurus rex than the tyrannosaurus rex was to the stegosaurus. True or false?
    1. TRUE
    2. FALSE
  3. Which of the five ornithiscian lineages includes iguanadons and hadrosaurs?
    1. Ornithipods
    2. Ceratopsians
    3. Pachycephalosaurus
    4. Stegosaurs
    5. Ankylosaurs
  4. Taphonomy is...
    1. …the study of the skin, muscle and flesh that surrounds bones.
    2. …the study of everything between the time of death and when the fossil is unearthed.
    3. …the study of how a dinosaur died based on fossilized evidence.
    4. …the study of how the current environment differs from when the fossil was alive.
  5. What is the ideal landscape for a fossil to form?
    1. Dry sandy plains so the wind can blow sediment to bury the dinosaur
    2. Forests so plant roots and soil and decompose the flesh, leaving only the skeleton
    3. Mountainside so the dinosaur is left in the open to become fossilized
    4. Wetlands so the dinosaur will be buried in mud which will solidify, preserving the fossil
  6. The teeth of a fossil indicate the animal's main diet. An elongated jaw with conical teeth suggests a piscivore which eats:
    1. Fish
    2. Fishes
    3. Seafood
    4. fish
  7. Fossilized dinosaur droppings are known as
    1. Guano
    2. Coprolite
    3. Fecacil
    4. Gastris
  8. How would a faculative quadriped walk?
    1. On two legs only
    2. Only four legs only
    3. Mainly on two legs, but sometimes on four legs
    4. Mainly on four legs, but sometimes on two legs
  9. What is an "ichnofossil"?
    1. The fossilized remains of an aquatic animal
    2. The rocks that are found surrounding a fossil
    3. A fossil that is found underwater
    4. Any track or trail left behind by a living organism
  10. When studying dinosaurs, what are LAGs?
    1. Lines of Arrested Growth
    2. Leg and Arm Gradings
    3. Lymphatically Attached Gastralia
    4. Limbs with Additional Graviport

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