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5 Reasons To Start Caring About West Virginia's 3rd Congressional Race

Is anyone else sick of the presidential race? There are incredibly important races happening down the ballot that we need be educated on. One important one - West Virginia's 3rd Congressional District. Matt Detch, a former Secret Service Officer and Political Outsider, is running against Incumbent, Evan Jenkins.

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Your Voice Has Been Bought.

Two years ago, millions of dollars were poured into West Virginia's 3rd Congressional District. Why? Isn't it weird that one of the poorest districts in the country had millions of dollars come in from out of the state? West Virginia's seat in Congress was bought to further the interests of two billionaires from Kansas ("Around 50 rally against Jenkins", Charleston Gazette-Mail, September 26, 2014). This year, West Virginia has an interesting opportunity to take its voice back. West Virginia gets to pick between a millionaire who has been paid off by two billionaires from Kansas, or someone who is running to be the voice of the people.

Your Current Congressman May Have Caused the Drug Epidemic.


West Virginia's current representative was the Executive Medical Director from 1999 to 2015 - when opioids rose to the highest number in the nation (DrugAbuse.Gov). At the same time, he was serving in the state house, voting on issues, and ignoring the conflict of interest. He had the opportunity to stop the epidemic, but didn't. He is still taking money from pharmaceutical companies today ("W.Va. candidates got $250K in donations from pharma groups", Herald-Dispatch, September 18, 2016). This is weird, isn't it?

Education Hasn't Been a Priority...and Our Kids Need It to Be.


West Virginia's current representative got a 25% rating from the National Education Association (VoteSmart.Com). He doesn't care about our teachers... our teachers who take care of our students! The state's current education system is failing. West Virginia needs representatives who understand how important education is to the future of the state.

"The War on Coal"


West Virginia's current Congressman has no published economic plan. It feels like every time he speaks, the only thing he talks about is the "War on Coal". All candidates in this race care about coal miners and will do what they can to help the industry. Focusing only on this "War on Coal" is doing a disservice to the state. Basic economics shows that Natural Gas is the main killer of the industry. This is similar to CDs and mp3' creating a 'war on cassette tapes'. We need to diversify. Our coal miners made a sacrifice and they need to be taken care of, but we need to look to the future.

In addition, the current Congressman wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act. While improvements need to be made to the Act, if it is repealed, black lung benefits will be lost ("Black Lung Help Will Be Lost If ACA Repealed", Register-Herald, October 21, 2016). Coal miners can't afford this!

Your Congressman Finds Poltical Capital in Human Tragedy

When the Elk River was poisoned, West Virginians went without water for months. The current representative, however, turned around and took money from the people who poisoned the river. When the June flood wiped out homes, stole lives, and families were suffering, the current representative saw this as an opportunity to take photos ("Light from Jenkins' Camera Shines Brighter Than Him During Flood", Register-Herald, July 23, 2016; "Are Elected Officials Doing Enough for Flood Relief?" , WOAY News, July 14, 2016). There are even rumors he was told to leave several establishments because he wasn't helping - only taking photos. During the rebuilding of the flood, the Congressman pretended to go to ceremonies such as groundbreakings that honored flood victims - but did not actually attend ("Reader says Jenkins pretends to be at groundbreaking ceremony", Mountain Messenger, August 15, 2016)

West Virginia, please start caring about this race. If you have questions, ask them! Please don't blindly vote for Evan Jenkins again. Please vote for Matt Detch.

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