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    I Tried McDonald’s McArabia So You Don't Have To Fly To The Middle East

    A whole new world (of fast-food).

    Waking up after a night of ample tequila consumption, my body was craving some revival fuel, aka junk. I set my sights on Mickey D's, but I wanted to get some authentic Arab grub since I was in Egypt. Alas, I found the perfect combo to save me from my agonizing hangover: McDonald's McArabia.

    Originally known as the Greek Mac, the sandwich goes by different names across the globe, including McTurco, McKabab, Grilled Chicken folder-over, and McOriental...UMMM, no.

    So I hit up, a regional online food delivery site, and ordered the most Arab thing to happen to an American company since DJ Khaled joined Snapchat. #MajorKey

    YES, I had McDonald’s delivered because this country supports my lazy way of life and I’m taking advantage of it all I can!

    30 minutes later, my knight in shining McDonald's delivery swag shows up with the goods, and I start tearing through the packaging.

    The McArabia Chicken consists of "100% grilled chicken 2 patties, special garlic sauce, crunchy lettuce, fresh tomatoes, onions, and savory Arabic bread."

    The pit-pocket sandwich was like a sad attempt at imitating the Halal Guys / Zankou Chicken.

    But the garlic sauce was HELLA good and the bread was equally bomb. ~caaaarrbs~

    If the chicken was in crispy pieces instead of in patty form, I'd probably be sold on the idea. Nonetheless, I was hangry AF, so I took out the chicken and ate the hell out of the sauce soaked bread.

    All in all, the McArabia sucks. Don't go to the Middle East for the McArabia, go for other things. Like literally anything but the McArabia.

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