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    I Let My Male Roommate Dress Me For A Week And We Still Live Together

    At least we agree on Netflix.

    Hi I'm Samar, and this is my roommate, Hady!

    Aside from being best friends, we've been living, working, and traveling together for almost a year now. We’ve caught onto each others eating habits, personal style, and the names of each other's Tinder matches.

    We even adopted a beautiful puppy off the street named Blue Ivy.

    That face tho.

    Admittedly I’ve been shamelessly rocking yoga pants at any chance I get because no one has really tried to stop me (I’d like to see them try). So in a pursuit to constantly challenge myself and break out from my shell, I decided to take the input of my male roommate on my wardrobe *inner feminist cringe* and allowed him to dress me for a week.

    I woke up like this, then went to work like this.

    The rules:

    * He picked out five outfits from my closet so I'd be wearing my own clothes but with à la mode Hady.

    * I wasn't allowed to voice my opinion, make suggestions, or protest the outfit.

    * My hair and makeup were also done according to his styling.

    * I had to wear the outfit all day.

    Day 1:

    Samar's thoughts on her outfit: I actually wasn't surprised that he picked this because it has a touch of Beyonce's Flawless and Khole Kardashian circa 2013 which he both loves. Also I'm convinced he wanted me to look like a hot mess, do you see my hair?!If I could've changed anything I would've added a snapback but I've definitely worn something like this before but with a blue plaid shirt instead of red. Files under "dog walking outfit."

    Hady's thoughts on why he picked this outfit: Basically this Beyonce's Flawless meets Crazy In Love . It looks fun and cool! It's perfect for the hot as balls weather and taking Blue for walks.

    Day 2:

    Samar's thoughts on her outfit: I bought this top for a date with a guy named Summer from New Jersey…needless to say the date never happened and the top never saw the light of day, but I should've busted it out anyway because its hella cute! I would've never thought to pair white and off white together, but I actually really like it!

    Hady's thoughts on why he picked this outfit: I think this is very cute and light. It has a summer-y feel, no pun intended. This is what girls wear to brunch. Kind of like the girls from Pretty Little Liars; mature women who look like teenagers.

    Day 3:

    Samar's thoughts on her outfit: This paisley skirt is one of my favorite pieces of my wardrobe and I have worn this outfit a million times *ahem* great minds! The tiny floral cross body is my go-to 'festival bag' but sadly it hasn't come out because it has been hiding in the back of my closet. Oops.

    Hady's thoughts on why he picked this outfit: I think flowery patterns look really good on her, plus the skirt is short which shows off her legs. She has some pretty toned legs, and that can never hurt your chances in life. I chose the small purse because you ain't rich therefore you don't have stacks to carry around.

    Day 4:

    Samar's thoughts on her outfit: I HATE BUNS, on me at least. I think I look horrendous with my hair pulled up, don't know why, but those are my feels. I can definitely rock this to a meeting on any 'I'm lazy but I need to look presentable' day. The booties have a platform and the top is loose so overall its a pretty comfortable office outfit.

    Hady's thoughts on why he picked this outfit: This is a serious but sexy secretary look. To me this outfit is "Why is your penis on a dead girl's phone?" Viola Davis. I think this goes well for meetings to having "one drink" after work, which will turn into a night out, and pizza. PIZZA!!!

    Day 5:

    Samar's thoughts on her outfit: The challenge took its toll on me but SERIOUSLY?! I have absolutely no problem with the outfit I actually love it so much that I'll probably wear it for my birthday. My issue however is that I had to wear this all day. Its not exactly a day outfit nor is it a roam around the streets of Egypt outfit. But nonetheless its perfect! Just swap straight hair for loose curls and I'm out!

    Hady's thoughts on why he picked this outfit: This is what I'd like to call a scouting outfit. Something you'd wear out with your girlfriends to meet some nice young men. She never dresses up this much, but I think the short black dress looks good on her. The pink heels remind me of a woman by the name of Britney who once said, "When we walk in the club, all eyes on us.' You also have a thin purse so you can not forget your keys and wake me up when you get home.

    What I've Learned

    1. Despite living with each other we don't fully know each other's style 100%.

    2. Hady does have some taste in women's fashion.

    3. I'm glad I get to dress myself.

    4. Hady doesn't realize the difference between a day and night outfit.

    5. We're freakin' hilarious.

    6. I've been lazy and apparently have cooked nothing but noodles this week.

    7. I have the greatest roommate anyone could ask for!

    8. All hail Beyonce.

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