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    I Let My Male Roommate Dress Me For A Week And We Still Live Together

    At least we agree on Netflix.

    Hi I'm Samar, and this is my roommate, Hady!

    Aside from being best friends, we've been living, working, and traveling together for almost a year now. We’ve caught onto each others eating habits, personal style, and the names of each other's Tinder matches.

    We even adopted a beautiful puppy off the street named Blue Ivy.

    Admittedly I’ve been shamelessly rocking yoga pants at any chance I get because no one has really tried to stop me (I’d like to see them try). So in a pursuit to constantly challenge myself and break out from my shell, I decided to take the input of my male roommate on my wardrobe *inner feminist cringe* and allowed him to dress me for a week.

    The rules:

    * He picked out five outfits from my closet so I'd be wearing my own clothes but with à la mode Hady.

    * I wasn't allowed to voice my opinion, make suggestions, or protest the outfit.

    * My hair and makeup were also done according to his styling.

    * I had to wear the outfit all day.

    Day 1:

    Day 2:

    Day 3:

    Day 4:

    Day 5:

    What I've Learned

    1. Despite living with each other we don't fully know each other's style 100%.

    2. Hady does have some taste in women's fashion.

    3. I'm glad I get to dress myself.

    4. Hady doesn't realize the difference between a day and night outfit.

    5. We're freakin' hilarious.

    6. I've been lazy and apparently have cooked nothing but noodles this week.

    7. I have the greatest roommate anyone could ask for!

    8. All hail Beyonce.