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38 Things Only Palestinians Will Understand

We're going going, back back, to Pali Pali

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1. The term innovative was created to describe us

2. When you ask your parents how they know someone the answer is usually 'ayam Fattah'

3. Ignorant folk LOVE to come at you sideways with backward ass arguments

4. You take offense when your friends ask you to go camping

Why would you voluntarily sleep in a tent?!?

5. Those interfaith bumper stickers...yeah we invented that concept

6. You get a little giddy every time Assaf sings the word 'Falsteen'

7. When people complain about alcohol check points

Bish don't get me started...

8. Mawtani? Biladi?

Which one are we singing??

9. Your extra curricular activities are a bit out of the ordinary

10. Your Teta swears olive oil can cure anything

Got a rash, creeky door, job interview...just put Palestinian olive oil on it!

11. You have mad respect for Lupe Fiasco

Take notes DJ Khaled

Take notes DJ Khaled

12. You're not exactly fond of walls

13. You know traffic lights ain’t got shit on that guy in Ramallah

14. You have a few Khalili jokes up your sleeve

Fun fact: last year Khalil had the highest tawjeehee grades in Palestine

15. You could teach a class on human rights violations

16. Morons have actually asked you if you're anti-Semitic

Where do I begin? Well in short, no fuck face we don't hate Jews.

17. You’ve considered getting one of these

18. We may not be playing but our colors always somehow make it into the game

19. Whenever you hear the struggles of Native Americans, African Americans, Latinos, or any oppressed group

20. The word 'birthright' makes you cringe

21. Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF) is your favorite non-profit organization

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You tell 'em Jimmy!

22. You’ve learned what war is at too young of an age

And this image will forever haunt you

And this image will forever haunt you

23. If you could you'd rock a thobe all day err day!

24. You can't wait till this little guy goes home

25. Whenever Mustafa Barghouti, Hanan Ashrawi, or Noura Erakat is on the news

26. When people ask you where you're from you use celebrity references

27. In college you cited Edward Said in every paper


28. After 'Omar' came out you were no longer sure who your favorite Bakri was

Can you say zaki?!

Can you say zaki?!

29. A certain apartheid state is trying to capitalize on your culture

Get yo life!

Get yo life!

30. Khishnah? Na'ama? I'm subconsciously judging you



31. When Palestinians living in Jordan claim to be Jordanian

P.S. we love Jordanians!

32. You feel some type of way about a blue chair

33. You’ve learned to walk away from social media quarrels

34. There's times when you reflect on everything, and it all hits you

35. You know purgatory is really just a combination of Ben Guiron Airport and Allenby Border Crossing

36. You're ready to debkah at moment's notice

37. No matter how many times you've watched '5 Broken Cameras' you still cry every time

And you've decided to name your son Jibril

And you've decided to name your son Jibril

38. And as Suheir Hammad so beautifully put it we "will dance and resist and dance and persist"

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Cause it's what we know how to do best, live.

And don't think I forgot about you Zionist trolls

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