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33 Things You'll Miss When You Leave San Francisco

You're leaving more than just your heart in San Francisco

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1. The love that goes into every cup

2. Painting the town, yellow, green, blue, and purple

3. Amazing inhabitants of the amazing city

4. The not so terrible trails

6. Rowdy afternoons in Dolores Park

7. Quiet afternoons in Golden Gate Park

8. Perfectly imperfect weather

9. The smell of freshly cut grass

15. Resting assured that everything is Instagram worthy

16. History that lies around every corner

17. Having multiple favorite taquerias

18. The city that is a playground

19. Never having to chase a food truck

20. Knowing you always have a ride

21. Always having something to do

22. Discovering new heights

23. Every part of the city shines

24. You've even come to love Karl the Fog

28. A palace to call your own

29. Taking the road less traveled

30. Every neighborhood is more fabulous than the last

31. Picnic spots with a perfect view

32. Despite how small San Francisco may feel at times...

33. You can always find new secret havens

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