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    27 Cannabis Products That'll Turn Your Parents Out

    Get a head start on Mother's/Father's Day.

    1. To keep track of things

    2. "It's good for wrinkles...not that you have any!"

    3. A throwback to when they used to get lit

    4. Calm those nerves you've been getting on since you popped out the womb

    5. For those ~romantic~ evenings

    6. Speaking of romantic evenings...

    7. Introducing them to 'wake and bake'

    8. And a mug to match

    9. Mix it up at their minibar

    10. Have them rollin' on 22k gold luster set

    11. Because Bengay is off brand

    12. A stylish smell-proof bag

    13. A lil sum sum for their at home spa

    14. Mandatory for all cuisine connoisseurs

    15. And the only appliance they need in the kitchen

    16. Upgrade their lip care

    17. FAQ book on cannabis

    18. Gym bag goody

    19. The POTpourri is already in every room

    20. Amazing for all muscle pain

    21. Didn't they say they wanted to redecorate?

    22. If they complain about the smell

    23. You actually can't wait for this year's holiday card

    24. Pineapple bath bomb

    25. Help them can keep up their gardening hobby

    26. And the perfect date night movie

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    27. ...and the perfect movie snack