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    18 Things That Happen When You Become Self-Aware


    1. You become more certain of your role in life

    2. You reflect on the past but always look towards the future

    3. You feel an pressing obligation to speak your mind

    4. You're waaaaay beyond over fuckboys/girls

    5. You become dangerously ambitious

    6. You handle whatever entitlement you have responsibly

    7. You become tired AF from how WOKE YOU ARE

    8. You learn how to handle the basic folk with grace

    9. You completely own your sexuality and sex life


    10. You have zero interest or time in any petty shit

    *Sweet Brown voice* Ain't nobody got time for that!

    11. You got nothing but positivity for the haters

    12. Your opinions of the world completely evolve

    World peace, extra fries, and feminism for all.

    13. You can cut toxic people out of your life with a butter knife

    14. You decide when, where, and how things go down

    Don't like it? K bai.

    15. You learn to really truly love yourself

    The one time we'll take Justin Bieber's unsolicited advice

    16. You dream bigger than life

    Which would be Beyonce.

    17. You have no shame in your game

    Sorry Joe, John, Jake, Calvin, Taylor, Connor, Harry, and Tom...oh wait not yet? JK, not Tom.

    18. You become the unapologetic version of yourself

    But for real tho *mic drop*

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