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17 Muslims In Media You Need To Follow In 2017

Inshallah 2017 will be a woke year.

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In post (apocalyptic) election season, we've seen an increase of fake news that has been literally dangerous towards Muslims and the American narrative. 2017 is a time to open our hearts and minds to the fearless and award-winning Muslims out in the field and in the newsrooms determined to get the story right. Here's who you should be tuning into in 2017.

1. Sabrina Siddiqui

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Sabrina Siddiqui is the refreshing face to see in mainstream political media appearing regularly as a guest on MSNBC. Siddiqui paid her dues at Huffington Post, and at Bloomberg News with the White House team.

2. Khalid El Khatib

Instagram: @kmelkhat

He's the son of a Muslim, he's gay, and he's totally bae. Khalid El Khatib brings you the voice of a Middle Eastern Mid-Westerner (yes, they exist!) with his writings for Paper, VICE, and Hello Mr.

3. Dena Takruri

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Since the launch of AJ+, Dena has been making your newsfeed woke AF. From covering the pipeline protest at Standing Rock to walking refugees across European borders. Takruri has been bringing us REAL stories that have been slipping through the mainstream news cycle.

4. Amani Al-Khatahtbeh

View this video on YouTube Founder and Editor-in-Chief has been a maverick for Muslims in digital media. The site is for Muslim women by Muslim women and acts as a digital platform for engaging in discourse that is not overshadowed by stereotypes or ignorance.

5. Sara Yasin

so, who is going to save muslim women from pam geller trying to save muslim women

BuzzFeed's very own News Editor has contributed Jezebel, the Guardian, Telegraph, New York Times and, where she spoke about her experience of taking off the hijab.

6. Bilal Abdul Kareem

After the most intense night of my life it seems leaving besieged Aleppo will soon be a reality

The American convert has recently made rounds on newsfeeds with his coverage of the Syrian war in particular the siege of Aleppo. Aside from producing reports for BBC, Skynews, and Channel 4, Abdul Kareem reports regularly as an independent journalist.

7. Abdullah Saeed

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Somewhere in the world, Abdullah Saeed aka T. Kid is somewhere getting high right now, but also doing his job. Getting high is a part of his job...are y'all hiring tho?

8. Ali Velshi

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The CNN and Al Jazeera vet is now at MSNBC reporting on the hot mess that is the economy. Velshi is also probably the only Kenyan-born Muslim in the political world. *Ahem*

9. Dean Obeidallah

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The standup comedian made his way onto SIRIUSXM with The Dean Obeidallah show and also regularly writes for the Daily Beast and CNN Opinion.

10. Ahmed Shihab-Eldin

Instagram: @ahmedeldin

Ahmed Shihab-Eldin has an impressive resume to say the least, having reported for HuffPost Live, VICE, and Al Jazeera. Currently, Ahmed making news for the connected generation at AJ+.

11. Asma Khalid

It's been an intense year for the campaign reporter to say the least. Asma Khalid hit the road with NPR to gets into the nitty gritty of demographics and politics around the country.

12. Noor Taghouri

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This fly hijabi caused a commotion on both ends of the spectrum when she posed for Playboy...clothed. Yeah, apparently it upset people. The 23-year-old became the first hijab anchorwoman in America and is now a reporter for Newsy.

13. Ginella Massa

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The Toronto based CityNews journalist became the news when she was brought on as the news reporter to dawn the hijab.

14. Murtaza Hussain

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Murtaza Hussain covers a variety of stories within the realm of cultural affairs and foreign policy. Hussain has wrote for Salon, The New York Times, and The Guardian and is currently a journalist and political commentator for The Intercept.

15. Ayman Mohyeldin

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The NBC news foreign correspondent and MSNBC anchor became a familiar face during his time reporting the Arab Spring for Al Jazeera English.

16. Bassem Youssef

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The 'Egyptian Jon Stewart' has made his way over to America and onto Fusion for his Egyptian satirical take on American politics.

17. Aisha Gani

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BuzzFeed New's Senior Reporter covers all things Muslim across the pond. She has been illustrating the face of the Muslim community to the world of clickbait since she was at the Guardian.

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