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    20 Things That'll Help You Take The Best Photos Of Your Entire Life

    I've always thought photographers were the coolest people on earth. Who's with me on this?

    1. A flexible tripod with bendy, octopus-like legs to keep your camera steady for all those irreplaceable moments.

    2. A photography masterclass from Udemy's Online Courses with professional instructors who will teach you EVERYTHING — from lighting and composition to shooting and editing. It even covers how to make money with photography!

    3. A wireless remote control so you don't run between setting up the camera and your spot, only to strike the perfect pose the moment the self-timer flash tells you, "sorry, too late."

    4. And! A wireless remote control for your DSLR camera because sometimes the cameraman wants to be in the picture, too.

    5. A festive fringe backdrop that can bring your picture to L-I-F-E. Whether it's your grandma's 80th birthday party or a New Year's Eve party, this backdrop needs to be on the RSVP list!

    6. A waterproof phone pouch you need to pack for your next tropical getaway.

    7. Some stick-on LED lightbulbs to give you that extra GLOW after you finesse your makeup and can't wait to snap a selfie to show it off to the world.

    8. A Pooch Selfie clip-on to be the best pup-parazzi in town!

    9. A kitty-shaped LED ring light with nine light settings that'll have you feline extra fine.

    10. Or! This professional-grade ring light to shoot glamorous makeup photos or film YouTube videos. The dual-color setting and wide dimming range make this the ~do-it-all~ lighting equipment.

    11. An illuminating, dimmable LuMee phone case so you never have to (embarrassingly) ask a friend to turn on their flashlight for you at a bar.

    12. A clip-on macro and wide-angle lens kit to capture the finest detail or the vastest landscape — right from your phone!

    13. The GoPro HERO7 action camera that can shoot "SuperPhotos" and "HyperSmooth videos" and — most importantly — that's durable enough to document your wildest adventures and fondest memories!

    14. A shooting tent with four colored backdrops for studio-quality product images you can create from your coffee table. This is perfect for anyone running a small business at home, or simply selling unwanted accessories on Poshmark!

    15. Snapseed, a fan-favorite photo editing app that can remove unwanted photobombers in just a few simple swipes.

    16. How to Create Stunning Digital Photography, the epitome of everything you need, and more, to take surreal pictures with your DSLR.

    17. A ~magical~ microfiber cleaning cloth to polish your lenses and any other delicate surfaces. Perhaps your laptop screen that has your greasy fingerprints all over it, plus a splash of last night's dinner?

    18. An Instax Mini 9 instant camera so you can snap pictures the old-fashioned way, making each picture that much more precious and special.

    19. The Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II, a powerful yet compact camera that provides a BIG bang for your buck. You'll want to take this camera everywhere you go because pretty much every image comes out like a work of art.

    20. A large capacity portable charger for your phone or camera because the race against a dying battery is NEVER fun.

    Now you'll always get the perfect shot on the first try, and you'll never have to hear or say:

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