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    28 "Low-key" Matching Couple Gifts You Won't Be Embarrassed About

    Let them know that they're the straw to your berry!

    1. Super adorable magnetic keychains to let them know that you whale love them forever and ever!

    2. Matching phone cases that, my friend, unlocks a new level in your relationship.

    3. A set of fondue mugs for some quality dessert time to show them how fond you are of their company.

    4. Minimalistic his and hers toothbrush holders to add a little more fun into your morning brushing routine with your boo.

    5. Cosmo and Wanda pocket tees, because it would be fairly reasonable to say they're the most magical couple out there.

    6. And! Onesies for every member of the family — even the four-legged child!

    7. Braided "lucky" bracelets that are subtle enough to wear on a daily basis, if floundering your lovey-dovey relationship isn't their style.

    8. Fun-patterened matching undies because obviously, you two are the perfect pair!

    9. Plush bath rugs for bathrooms that can also be used on each side of the bed. The only thing that is better than morning sex is waking up to step on one of these super soft rugs.

    10. Treat your ~Only-Wan~ to a cozy Valentine's Day at home with these bathrobes for a Star Wars marathon until they cross to the dark side.

    11. A spoon set, because nothing says "honey, I love being your little spoon" better than giving them these vintage-style utensils.

    12. Superhero bookends for your favorite little bookworm and their last stack of books that spark joy.

    13. Precious pillowcases that perfectly depict the fuzzy feeling you guys felt on your first date. Just try not to drool all over these, OK?

    14. Crew neck sweatshirts featuring the classic love story of two best buds — peanut butter and jelly.

    15. Glow-in-the-dark Kindred The Eternal Hunters necklaces your gaming partner will truly appreciate and LOL for sure.

    16. Or! This necklace set for you and your favorite person.

    17. A low-maintenance marimo, aka moss ball, for your favorite angel. They last pretty much...forever — what a perfect symbol of your relationship!

    18. Customizable passport covers for your next getaway with your S.O. since it's you two against the world!

    19. And sloth luggage tags that'll inspire them to chill out, enjoy life, and go on a vacation with you.

    20. Matching aprons to prove that cooking may not be their forte, but when you guys tackle it together — anything is possible!

    21. Kitty mugs that will have them feline really, really loved. Look at this preciousness!

    22. A cute reminder of the best game or movie you two enjoyed together with Funko Pop! figures.

    23. A pair of customizable Converse sneakers to let them know you want to ~step into the future~ with them.

    24. A fancy decanter set all for yourself because what's theirs is yours, am I right?!

    25. Laptop stickers that are totally for the pair whose idea of a Sunday fun day = staying home to play video games! Or, for the biggest player you know.

    26. Femme pins to deck out their favorite oversized denim jacket or canvas backpack loud and proud.

    27. Dreamy Van Gogh-inspired rings that are clearly statement pieces.

    28. And couple lubricants so you can have a great finish to your Valentine's Day with enhanced sensations.

    When you guys are darn proud to matchy matchy:

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