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    14 Of The Best Stuffed Animals And Plushies You Can Get On Amazon

    Everyone needs a cuddle buddy, amirite?

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A corgi butt so you can constantly enjoy a nice round rump. 🍑


    Promising review: “This pillow is soft and comfortable! Not to mention cute as heck!” —Nicole Wright

    Price: $15.90

    2. An otter holding a starfish sure to generate many "aww"s because it is otterly precious!


    Promising review: "Absolutely adorable! The otter is so soft. I couldn't ask for a better stuffed animal. It has strong stitching and would hold up well under normal wear and tear for a child." —Belinda S.

    Price: $10.20

    3. A ~supportive~ boyfriend plush so you'll always be in good hands when you need a shoulder to cry on.


    Promising review: "I got this for my 5-year-old for her first travels without me. Not only is it a great pillow for the car, but it also helped her sleep soundly in the hotel. She calls it her 'mommy arm' and it was a great comfort for her at night while she was away from me. I really like that the shirt comes off for easy washing." —Amazon Customer

    Price: $34.95+ (available in eight colors)

    4. A birthday Pusheen with the cutest teeny-tiny party hat and A KITTY CUPCAKE that can put other birthday gifts to shame!

    Amazon, Amazon / Via

    Promising review: "This cat is so unbelievably cute and soft! My daughter received it for her birthday and she adores it. (I do, too!) Totally worth my daughter's reaction." —Sunflower

    Price: $18.89

    5. A fried chicken plush for that ONE friend who will choose KFC > a salad any day.


    Promising review: “This was the best purchase I have made all year. The pillow is even larger than expected and is amazingly soft. I had guests over who would rather cuddle with this pillow than my dog.” —Sam W.

    Price: $17.99

    6. A bunny so angelic, it'll look like it hopped straight out of a movie to brighten up your day.

    Amazon, Amazon / Via

    Promising review: “This bunny will bring my kids and me much joy. So soft, so huggable, and so sweet. I love the ears, it's a perfect bunny in every way." —Jodi B

    Price: $15+ (available in six sizes)

    7. A stuffed bulldog to help bide your time until your building will finally allow pets. *ugh*


    Promising review: “I ordered this for my grandmother who had dementia and was in a nursing home. Because it was lifelike, I think she thought of it as a real animal instead of a doll. It was a huge comfort to her and I'm so thankful I found this to give her joy.” —Kelly Love

    Price: $10.12

    8. A sluggish sloth that'll gladly hang out with you for the whole day. #BIGmood

    Amazon, Amazon / Via

    Promising review: "This guy is so much fun to wear around your neck while walking around the house! The Velcros on his front feet are perfect for hanging him anywhere. So cuddly and cute! " —Moriah Polach

    Price: $14.46

    9. A perfect pupper with the sweetest little face, and ready to melt your heart in an instant. *squeal*


    Promising review: “Soft, charming, and super cute! It was a great gift that generated tons of smiles and happiness :).” —Dan and Tal

    Price: $12.99

    10. A grumpy llama who will low-key love drama (and a good boop) just as much as you do!

    Amazon, Amazon / Via

    Promising review: “Okay this llama has such a 'grumpy llama face' but my daughter LOVES it. The fur is so soft and snuggly, perfect for a first lovie. Worth the money and the laugh!” —Ashley

    Price: $9.90

    11. A majestic white tiger with eyes so beautiful it'll surely mesmerize and protect you in your sleep.


    Promising review: “Very realistic and yet cuddly. My son loves it!” —Lake5

    Price: $14.99

    12. A multipurpose play mat, plushy, cushion, and blankie to collect in all 16 outrageously adorable designs.

    Amazon, Amazon / Via

    Promising review: “Children seem to find comfort in sleeping and playing with them. Personally, I can't keep my hands off the softness!” —Cissy Cox

    Price: $35.99 (available in 16 designs)

    13. A ridiculously fluffy cat that can easily be mistaken as a marshmallow or a bed of clouds. "IT'S SO FLUFFY!"


    Promising review: “This cat was amazing! My significant other loves them and let me tell you, the smile on her face as I took this cat out of the compressed bag and it just fluffs up was priceless.” —John Galt

    Price: $16.99

    14. A lifesize teddy that'll give you the biggest bear hug to make everything okay.

    Amazon, Amazon / Via

    Promising review: “This is a cuddly, super soft, BIG teddy bear. It's a feel-good stuffed animal perfect for hugging, resting on, and bringing smiles and comfort." —Kindle Customer

    Price: $69.99+ (available in four sizes)

    How I give my stuffed animals an excessive amount of affection:

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