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    14 Of The Best Stuffed Animals And Plushies You Can Get On Amazon

    Everyone needs a cuddle buddy, amirite?

    1. A corgi butt so you can constantly enjoy a nice round rump. 🍑

    2. An otter holding a starfish sure to generate many "aww"s because it is otterly precious!

    3. A ~supportive~ boyfriend plush so you'll always be in good hands when you need a shoulder to cry on.

    4. A birthday Pusheen with the cutest teeny-tiny party hat and A KITTY CUPCAKE that can put other birthday gifts to shame!

    5. A fried chicken plush for that ONE friend who will choose KFC > a salad any day.

    6. A bunny so angelic, it'll look like it hopped straight out of a movie to brighten up your day.

    7. A stuffed bulldog to help bide your time until your building will finally allow pets. *ugh*

    8. A sluggish sloth that'll gladly hang out with you for the whole day. #BIGmood

    9. A perfect pupper with the sweetest little face, and ready to melt your heart in an instant. *squeal*

    10. A grumpy llama who will low-key love drama (and a good boop) just as much as you do!

    11. A majestic white tiger with eyes so beautiful it'll surely mesmerize and protect you in your sleep.

    12. A multipurpose play mat, plushy, cushion, and blankie to collect in all 16 outrageously adorable designs.

    13. A ridiculously fluffy cat that can easily be mistaken as a marshmallow or a bed of clouds. "IT'S SO FLUFFY!"

    14. A lifesize teddy that'll give you the biggest bear hug to make everything okay.

    How I give my stuffed animals an excessive amount of affection:

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