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    22 Of The Best Holiday Party Dresses You Can Get On Amazon

    'Tis the season to dress up!

    1. A Santa-patterned cocktail dress with pockets to stash all your gifts within arm's reach.

    2. The perfect "little black dress" that seems impossible to find everytime you need one (you know exactly what I'm talking about). So heed my advice and just get it NOW.

    3. A stretchy velvet v-neck dress because it can instantly elevate your poise so you look subtly chic and undoubtedly sensational.

    4. An off-the-shoulder scallop-neck dress to wear to everything from holiday parties to Valentine's Day dinners to bridal showers to baby showers. Okay, you get the point.

    5. A glamorous sequin dress so you can shine and be the ~star~ of the party — and yep, this is also perfect party attire for your baby bump!

    6. A sequin dress with fine details so graceful and sophisticated, no one will believe you got it on Amazon.

    7. A show-stopping floral halter maxi that will keep the compliments rolling in left and right. You'll be saying "ohhh, stop it" for pretty much the entire party.

    8. A vintage-inspired dress so you can look like you just hopped off a fashion time machine, ready to rock the party.

    9. An off-shoulder bodycon dress so hot, you won't even feel the cold. And if it does get a little chilly? Just throw on a faux fur coat for a super trendy look.

    10. A velvet dress with a full sleeve of pearls *or* embroidered flowers (depending on the color) that I'll just ~sleeve~ here for ya.

    11. A classy swing dress so perfect, you'll want be wanting to say "yes" to this dress immediately.

    12. A high-low dress with a belt to accentuate your waistline. You can FINALLY cross "finding the perfect everyday dress" off your wish list.

    13. A floral lace dress for anyone who wants to look dressed up but still feel super comfortable while sipping eggnog.

    14. A flowy off-shoulder maxi romper that's practical when you need to dance the night away — want to do a split or a cartwheel? Well, why not? Just hold my bubbly, please.

    15. A romantic bell-sleeve lace dress that is a sure conversation starter. People will be coming up to you all night to ask, "Where'd you get that?"

    16. A lace dress simply missing a tiara, seeing as how this is obviously an outfit fit for Disney royalty.

    17. A sleeveless plunge dress that your sister will definitely want to *borrow*.

    18. An elegant, silky, spaghetti-strap gown you can slip into last minute. Show up to the party fashionably late, and no one would even be mad.

    19. A versatile chiffon dress you can pair with a cute cardigan and a Santa hat for a look that is unbelievably jolly.

    20. A stunning ruffle one-shoulder dress so hot, no one will dare give you the ~cold shoulder~.

    21. A stretchy v-neck dress that you'll want to wear to your holiday greeting card photoshoot. They won't even need to turn on the flash, considering how brightly you'll be shining while wearing this.

    22. A Gatsby-style dress with a vintage edge. Feel free to throw on a headband, a feather shawl, and a long pearl necklace to look like you just stepped out of a timeless work of literature.

    Walk into the holiday party like BAM💃🏽 BAM💃🏽 BAM💃🏽.