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    21 Things To Prevent Your Room From Looking Like The Inside Of A Hamper

    Proud of you for getting your bedroom together.

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    1. A double laundry hamper with removable laundry bags for separating your dirty clothes into two separate piles — perhaps regular wash and delicate wash, or lights and darks. Plus, its lid ensures clothes or yucky smells won't sneak out.

    2. Wonder Hangers to help you group certain garments together, which in turn makes it easier to find that shirt you know you own, but can't seem to find no matter how many times you look.

    3. An S-shaped hanger that'll provide the perfect solution to hanging up pants, jeans, and even accessories or linens! I personally find hanging jeans up side-by-side on separate hangers takes up quite a bit of space. Well... NOT ANYMORE!

    4. But alas, you may also want some *regular* hangers, so treat yourself to a pack of velvet hangers. If you've never used velvet hangers, you're in for a real treat. With most hangers, I find my shirts often slipping off and eventually wreak havoc on the bottom of my closet, but these keep clothes in place!

    5. A wall-mounted coat rack for hanging in your room or by the front door. Or order two and hang in both places, so belongings like your coat, hat, purse, umbrella, etc., are neatly hanging, and not strewn across your floor.

    6. A three-tier shoe rack to prevent a clutter of shoes from building up, which let's be real, is an issue we all face. If you've somehow managed to prevent shoe clutter in your living space without something like this, then please help me out.

    7. Or a 24-pocket over-the-door shoe organizer that'll conveniently hang on a closet door, or even your bedroom door so you have a better place to keep your shoes than on the closet floor.

    8. Shelf dividers for better utilizing shelf space in your closet, so not only will your floors not look like the inside of a hamper, but your shelves won't either!

    9. Drawer dividers to prevent the overwhelming feeling we know you get when you open your drawer to find what looks like your undergarments trying to plan their uncivilized escape.

    10. Washing machine cleaning tablets that'll make the actual chore of washing your clothes a lot less daunting knowing you won't have to deal with a funky-smelling appliance.

    11. A cube organizer for stacking and creating your own arrangement of storage shelves. No matter how you set these bad boys up, they're gonna play an instrumental role when it comes to storing things like undergarments, T-shirts, pajamas, workout gear, and other knick-knacks in your room you never know where to store!

    12. Vacuum bags perfect to use when storing clothing items you're not planning on wearing in a given season and want less clutter in your closet! These don't create the same amount of bulk other storage bags would, so they're good to store under your bed!

    13. A three-bag laundry sorter that'll provide more than enough space to separate your laundry into different piles based on how you need to wash them — and if there aren't a flight of stairs connecting you and your washing machine, then you can easily roll this babe from your room to wherever you do laundry.

    14. A bed you can easily lift for EVEN MORE storage! Only you and I have to know you bought this. Promise, I won't tell anyone your secrets.

    15. A double closet rod to give you a whole second rod to hang clothes on — yeah, yeah, yeah, you're welcome. No need to thank us. Well actually, a small need to thank us. But yeah, you're welcome.

    16. Bed risers will allow you to create more space to stow away storage bins filled with clothes and other belongings.

    17. Clear, under bed storage boxes with lids for keeping things like clothes, shoes, and accessories you're not wearing at the moment, but are saving to wear in a few months from now.

    18. Boot shapers to help keep your boots at an upright position, because orderly boots is the first step to an orderly closet.

    19. A five-section hanging organizer that'll provide a bit more storage space in your closet. You can also use it as an especially cute way to plan an outfit for tomorrow, or perhaps five outfits for the week ahead!

    20. A storage ottoman for doubling as a bench or foot rest, ya know, so you can reward yourself with relaxation for all the hard work you put into organizing your life.

    21. A jewelry tree to keep your jewelry in one easy-to-find everything place, while also giving your room a super cute aesthetic.

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